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Jaime Sharp is a white water kayaker, sea kayaker, photographer, filmmaker, adventure guide and lover of adventurous journeys. Hailing from New Zealand, now residing on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada, he loves to spend his free time in the wild places of Canada or on the road in his “Yak Vus” (Van/Bus/RV) paddling with friends.
His passion for guiding and sharing adventures lead him to cofound an international adventure company called World Wild Adventures Ltd ( His passion for adventure and paddling has also taken him around the world, while his passion for pushing sea kayaking has led to some very untraditional adventures, particularly in folding kayaks. Check out more adventures at:


“A New Zealand Roadie” Film Crew

If the project was not going to be fun already, I will be accompanied by an all women film crew and co-adventurers, led by Freya Fennwood. Their experience with kayaking is varied, though they all share a powerful passion for water, adventure and a life less ordinary. With their different styles of lifestyle in the outdoor world (and one of them not even being a kayaker) these ladies will bring a fun insight into a world that is not always understood, the world of the “kayak bum, soul boater”.

Their stories, insights, triumphs and struggles will also appear throughout the story of the series, and bring a different angle to a complex tale.


Freya Fennwood, grew up in a kayak, as the daughter of John Lockwood, founder and owner of Pygmy Boats, she is an accomplished Greenland roller and enjoys surfing her sea kayak along the coast of Washington State. Freya is a professional Adventure photographer and filmmaker and has done work for Outdoor Research (OR), First Ascent/Eddie Bauer, Pygmy Boats, Sawyer, Men’s Journal, The Fly Fish Journal, Canoe & Kayak Magazine, Sea Kayaker Magazine, and NRS among others.

See her work at

Freya writes

“My life is spent chasing water in all its forms. Summers on the sea, winters on the snowy slopes of mountains. I have been sitting in a sea kayaks since I was 18 months old, and have paddled my own boat since I was 5 years old. More recently I have been pushing my technical skills in Greenland rolling and sea kayak surfing while dabbling in white water. My working life as an actions sports photographer follows my uncontrollable desire to experience this beautiful world through as many sports as possible. I have climbed peaks and followed their run-off to the ocean, paddled into the Amazon’s basin, and lived out of a parking lot in Rio de Janeiro. Age 25 has always been my goal age, I’ve had a lot of great adventures in my life but I always envisioned this year to be an epic. Yes I have been scuba diving with sharks and splitboading 12,000 foot peaks this year, but something was missing…… When I was invited on a Yak About Adventure to explore and tell the tale of the wild coastline and rivers of New Zealand for 2 months, while exploring that very question I have been asking this year “what is this life all about?”, I knew that missing piece had been found. “


Laura Prendergast, grew up in the hill country of Texas but has found her place by the water in Washington, USA, working for Pygmy Boats. Laura has a stubborn love of adventure, travel and the ocean. She has sea kayaked enough to have established her roll, though is very excited to experience more. Having a background in graphic design, she has also assisted with photography shoots and brings a critical eye to the visual team.

Laura Writes

“I don’t think anyone can deny the feeling that wells up when they stand at the shore. Transition is a powerful place in nature as it is in life.

I grew up on the rivers of the Texas hill country, and like those meandering waters I too eventually found my way to the coast. While having only come to kayaking in recent years, it has really grabbed me as an amazing way to experience the ocean and explore wild places. I could be working in a city doing marketing and design for a large corporation, but that life has never called to me. Lifestyle has been much more important and I could never sleep at night if I was marketing a product that I didn’t feel in some way improved people’s lives. Working with an outdoor company that enables people to build their own boats and get outside, is fulfilling work. While I enjoy what I do we all need to push away from the shore periodically and find adventure outside our daily routine. “The richness in life is found in adventure,” writes William Orville Douglas. “It develops self-reliance and independence. Life then teems with excitement. There is stagnation only in security.”


Cynthia Repko, was born in Holland though grew up in New Zealand. She is a Vet nurse and Dive Instructor and has worked around the world instructing diving, managing dive lodges and contributing to marine research. Her experience in a kayak is little, though her comfort in, love and passion for the water is unquestionable. Cynthia is also an avid photographer and has a lot of underwater camera experience.

Cynthia Writes

“When asked to spend the summer on a Yak About Adventure to help photograph, film and share the story of embracing the outdoors in its purest form while surrounded by fresh air, blue skies, flowing rivers, oceans and good people, I jumped at the chance. After 2 years of study, I have a great need to reconnect with nature and the outdoors as it’s something that pumps energy through my soul and gives me the peace that so many of us search for.  I’ve always had this underlying current in my system drawing me to water and the feeling of being free, I don’t quite understand it, buts it’s always there.  I believe this is what led me to my career in scuba diving and 10 years of travel abroad from my home country New Zealand. This trip will be a trip full of new challenges on the water and on land, many laughs I’m sure and an interesting journey into who I am and what I choose to do! “

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