Sardinia with World Wild Adventures


” The western coast did not disappoint and the small swells that existed on the first day that allowed us to have fun surfing waves onto the beach we camped at were nonexistent for the next 3 days. We were able to easily paddle the stark cliffy coastline as close as we wanted, and probe deep into large sea caves, some that perhaps no one else has been into (due to the fact that the entrances barely allowed a sea kayak to enter and who else would bother? Though they were often large, roomy and deep once inside).our first night we camped inside the ruins of an old miners warehouse on the beach that was overlooked by a stark old watch tower. The next day’s brought caves, visits to villages for lunch and more stunning campsites on sandy weather beaten beaches.  On the second to last evening, Marco left us to retrieve the jeep and trailer and was back for dinner. In the morning we paddled on while Marco drove to our take out and then paddled back along the coast to meet us for lunch. This last day was spectacular; the whole trip so far had been blue skies and calm seas, though today’s landscape, cave and rock formations topped it all. We spent our last night on the west coast comfortably hunkered into the dunes as the winds built.”


Sardinia was a trip of wonderful experiences. This trip came about (c)Worldwildadventures-4551through a long line of events over the years. It started in 2009 when I was in Croatia kayaking and first got in contact with Marco Venturini about running trips in Europe. Now 4 years later through a desire from one client Denise and the formation of World Wild Adventures ltd, I created a trip with Marco in Sardinia for this year.

Through the project of Yak About Adventures in New Zealand, we offered this trip as one of the rewards on kickstarter. WWA had already had two bookings for this trip of Denise and her partner, though through kickstarter we ended up with an extra person booking, thus helping us seal the kickstarter pledge deal in doing so (as we needed to raise the full goal amount of $18000NZD or get nothing)

So on March 15th (ten days after I got back to Canada from the NZ Project) I was once again on a plane, this time touching down in Rome Italy. This trip was exciting for me (as  are all trips, though especially the first time ones like this one), we had needed to book at least 5 people for this trip to work for business, though in the end we had managed to get it to work with the three people (though the hardest thing was I had to give back the raised profit money ($1800 USD) on  kickstarter to WWA in order for this trip to happen. It was either that or give back all the money to the three WWA clients, always better to complete objectives I say , so that I how we (Astrid, Michel, Denise and I) ended up landing at the airport in Olbia Sardinia on the 17th of march. Outside the terminal we where meet by the grinning face of Marco beaming out of a black Jeep Cherokee towing a trailer of kayaks.


The Adventure Starts Now

(c)Worldwildadventures-4590“Bonjourno! Are we ready to adventure?”…….  and that was the start of an amazing ten days exploring Sardinia by land and sea.

Marco, and Italian native, has been kayaking for most of his life he is a business Marketing consultant, though started moonlighting as a tour guide a few years back and of course loves sea kayaking trips. Marco has a charisma that shines bright, and is almost always seen with a big smile on his face. Our itinerary due to the lower number of people than expected, became very flexible and in fact turned into the trip it always should have been, a trip to the “Four Corners of Sardinia”


(c)Worldwildadventures-4611Day 1 Our first destination was the Island of Tavolara, after a simple lunch we loaded our boats up with camping gear on the beach at Spiaggia Marina Maria on the NE coast, and set off south through alien like rock formations of Granite, weathered into round and bizarre shapes by the rain and waves.  We camped upon a deserted beach that night next to quite a fancy holiday home, and from across the bay we watched the full moon rise over Isola Tavolara, while eating pasta around the camp fire. Jet lagged we were all in bed by 8pm.



The next day brought a cold morning, though a warm sun (once it had lifted above the megalithic Island of Tavolara), and as soon as we had eaten and the sun had dried the dew from our tents, we where once again on the water, this time to Tavolara itself a couple of short hours kayaking distance. Like a giant chalky tooth, Tavolara stands out as an oddity on this stretch of coast, as the rest of the coastline is quite low and rolling in its topography. We found a great sand spit to have lunch on and decided to make it camp, while that afternoon half the group kayaked around the island and the other half hiked it. Either way you explored the views of and from the immensely steep cliffed island where serene.


Day 3 had us kayaking back to the car, indulging in an amazing lunch at a wonderful local restaurant and then driving three hours SW to the other coast. The forecast was promising flat seas and we planned to make the most of the ability to paddle the normally wild west coast of Sardinia. We spent that night in a B ‘n’ B and over dinner discussed our strategy of the coast with a map.




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