Yak About Adventures 2013 kickstarter video from Wandering Wolf Productions on Vimeo.

We Have raised our Funding and are well underway on our project in NZ, follow our Blog here or via Facebook

A Travel Show of Journeys and Kayaking Lifestyles: A Soulful Insight While Exploring New Zealand and People Who Live By The Paddle

What makes some people choose a life against the “norm”? That “something” which draws souls into a kayak; to paddle across tranquil lakes, to test themselves against the savage seas or the raging torrents of a mountain river. Why do some follow water for the rest of their lives? What are the songs that call us to live certain ways and what prices are paid when we listen, or…do not? Why are we so intoxicated by water, its tranquil glassy peace, or its raging roar? People that choose to live by the paddle are often misunderstood by many; however are often so revered. This series delves into the glory and joy of a life with a kayak, and the power and challenges of choosing to live the life you love. This is a story about kayakers of the oceans, rivers and lakes of the world; though there is magic, intrigue and insight to be gained by anyone who hears their stories.

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